18 Mar 2008 Cooking Mystery
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I usually leave the cooking up to Tim when it comes to making pancakes. I tried making some when we were first married living in the apartment and they totally didn’t come out right. I think I tried it another time after that, and then again last night. I don’t know what it is with me and making pancakes, I just can’t get them right. I think I’ll continue to let Tim do the cooking when it comes to pancakes.

I’m baffled though ’cause I have no problem cooking anything else. Like today, I was in the baking mood, so I made some garlic cheese biscuits (like you can get at Red Lobster) for the first time. They came out perfectly! And then for dinner I made spaghetti and green beans. Wonderful dinner, but last night my pancakes were a flop!

I don’t know what my deal is with trying to make pancakes. I seem to have no problem cooking anything else. Hmmm.

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