16 Feb 2008 Happy Valentines Day!
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Tim and I have been in Minnesota for a year now! God has made it clear that this is where we are to be right now, and I am so thankful for that. Wednesday was the one year of the day we arrived here, and wow did God move at small groups that night! We were going along with our lesson when one of the girls was suppose to read a verse, but mistakenly looked up a different verse, then tried it again and came up with another verse that tied directly to the first “mistake.” Then we read the verse with our lesson and I stopped us and said, “Let’s go back and read those verses again and see if God is trying to tell us something.” And sure enough, it convicted something one of the girls had just said, and convicted my heart about something Tim and I had talked about a couple nights prior. And the other girls were able to find something in their life that the verses applied to also. I love it when God shows up and gives us His agenda!

For Valentine’s Day the girls in my small group had the great idea to make Valentine’s cards for members of our church in senior homes and nursing homes. So Marcia (my co-leader) and I spent a couple hours on Thursday delivering the cards and visiting with people. It was such a rewarding day with lots of laughter and tears. Some of the women we met completely blessed us with our visit. I think that made this year my favorite Valentine’s Day. I can’t think of a better way than using the holiday to serve Christ.

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