06 Dec 2007 Work Work Work
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For those of you who might not know, I am working 3 jobs this month. Yup, 3! I never even thought that I would be working 2 jobs at once ever. I am subbing in pre-k for a teacher on maternity leave. That job is Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings, then I am also subbing in the school district when a position comes open. Thursday I taught 1st grade for the afternoon. Wonderful class! And I am also working at Hallmark in the evenings. And Thursday I got my first paycheck from there! Woohoo!

I talked to a friend Thursday night who works in the afternoons for the school district and was needing someone to sub for her on Monday. But that fell through, when she went to school Friday they said she didn’t need to get anyone. I told her I would though. I’m a little bummed I’m not teaching for her, but it’s probably better for my sake. I would have taught pre-k in the morning, eat lunch on the road, go work with kindergarteners for the afternoon, take a short break at home to eat dinner, and head on out to Hallmark for the evening. That would have been a full plate, but I was up to the challenge. Starting on Monday though, I go into Hallmark at 5 instead of 4:30. So that will be helpful.

Today I am going in early to cover part of someone’s shift, so instead of working from 2-7 I am working 12-7. It’ll be fun. I woke up this morning around 8:30, ate a quick breakfast, then got to work shoveling the snow on our wrap around porches. Now I need to leave in a few minutes to go into work.

All my strength and health this month has to come from God. Everything I am doing I can not do on my own. I am excited to see what God does and how he takes care of me.

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