03 Dec 2007 Weekly Update
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I am so tired. This have been busy lately and will only get busier until Christmas. Then time to relax! We are also covered in snow right now! I’m not sure how much actually is on the ground, I haven’t had time to just go have fun yet. I hope soon though. We’re supposed to get 2-5 more inches of snow tomorrow. It’s gonna be really deep after that! I am starting to feel a little more comfortable driving on the roads. It’s much easier to drive right now than in the spring when the roads get icy.

So what has been going on…Tim had the stomach flu. I stayed away sleeping in our living room and didn’t catch it! Woohoo! Tim lost at least 20lbs with it. Not fun! Same day he got sick I had a terrible class that I substitute taught. I am thinking about not subbing in that school anymore, we’ll see. There is one class that I know I could handle, but for the most part the kids are rough. So I was completely stressed and upset about my day and came home to find Tim sick in bed, so I was hoping to get sympathy until I saw him, and I gave sympathy instead.

Friday night and Saturday we were suppose to be in the city for Planet Wisdom with the kids. We still went Friday, but because of the snow on Saturday we came home that night too, at 2:30am. It was fun, just a bummer to leave early. We had such a great group of youth go, I wish we had more time together.

Tim’s xbox also came this weekend, so we spent a lot of time playing on Saturday. Then forced ourselves to take a break and clean the house. Tomorrow we have the youth worker’s Christmas party at our house. We still have a few things to do to be ready for it, but either way we’ll have it! 🙂

I haven’t been out to take pictures of the snow, hopefully tomorrow I can do that. I wish I had my camera at pre-school today. We went outside for recess to let the kids play in the snow, and at one point 4 of my girls were sitting in a row with a big chunk of snow eating. I had to make one girl go in that was shaking a LOT because she was so cold, but she didn’t make the decision for herself ’cause she was enjoying the snow so much.

Hopefully I’ll get better at blogging more often. I miss it, I have just been busy.

Oh! Tonight working at Hallmark was fun. Our senior pastor’s wife was in there shopping so we got to talk for a little bit, and then she came back and her son who is in the youth group came too. It’s so much fun to see people in there!

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