15 Dec 2007 Being Sick is No Fun!
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Well, my business caught up to me. I was afraid it would happen, and it did. I had to call in sick to work yesterday and today. I really hope I’m all better tomorrow.

At first it just started with a sharp pain from my right should blade on my back all the way to my chest in the front, a really weird pain that made it hard for me to breathe. Tim researched online of what it could be, and it just said stress related…which makes since. The youth are having a ski trip and there was an adult in the church asking Tim if someone paid his way to go on the trip if he would…and of course he would, that would just mean 4 days of us being apart from each other, and that totally stresses me out thinking about that. I would hate for him to pass up the opportunity to go on the youth ski trip if someone makes it possible for him to go. So Wednesday night I didn’t sleep well ’cause every time I would wake up all I could think of is what I would do without Tim for 4 days, just doesn’t sound like fun unless I could fly to Texas, but we don’t have the money. I only have about $60 saved up from my blow money.

Then in the morning Tim told me that his brother Dan invited us to go to Duluth on vacation with them, but we’re in debt and getting out of it, so we don’t have money to do that either, so that stressed me out that we’re missing out on all the fun they will have together. Our reason for moving up here was to be a part of things like that and get to hang out with his brothers more, but right now that’s not possible. Big let down! So then the stress really set in. I told Tim it’d be so much easier if I wasn’t so eager for us to get to spend time with his brothers. They see each other all the time going to the same church and only being about 20 minutes from each other. We see them more than if we were in a different state, it just feels like we don’t do a lot with them since they’re always together.

Thursday I didn’t get a subbing job, which was probably good ’cause that’s when my sharp pain started. I worked at Hallmark in the evening, but then I started feeling light headed and my throat started hurting. I finished up the evening, but by morning I was feeling completely weak and sore all over. So I called in sick for work at the Preschool and Hallmark. And that makes me feel worst ’cause I hate letting people down. I called into Hallmark sick again today, which I hate even more – 2 days in a row! But I know if I went in I would probably get even more sick ’cause I don’t have the strength. So tomorrow I am really praying that I am better ’cause I hate being sick, I want to be healthy again!

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