14 Nov 2007 Recess in the Snow
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First day teaching pre-K was good. I am so impressed with how well behaved the kids are. I was nervous going into it because there are 20 4 year olds in the class. I get a teachers aid, and then there is suppose to be a parent helper in there every day, which I didn’t know about and absolutely love! During centers the kids got my attention to show me the snow falling from the sky. I asked the teachers aid how cold is has to be before they don’t go outside for recess and she said “Below zero.” That is just nuts! ‘Cause if I can remember correctly we didn’t go outside for recess while I student taught if it was below 40 I think. I guess the kids up here just have all the clothing to go outside. I know on Friday I’ll be wearing my thermal pants. I cut recess short today though ’cause the wind is insane, it just made it miserable. After the kids stopped running around and started noticing the cold I figured it was time to go in.

I think I may have gotten my flu shot a little too late. I’m not feeling well right now and will be skipping out on small groups tonight. I’m bummed, but am so ready to crawl in bed and go to sleep. I know some people say you can get a reaction from the shot, but I’ve had the flu shot the 2 years before with no reaction. I also didn’t get the flu the last 2 years, and had the flu every year of my life before that. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing that I’ll get over quickly.

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    I’m a pastor in Oregon – just happened across your blog. I’ll say a quick prayer for your ministry. I’ve been at it a little longer – God bless.


    P.S. How’s the flu thing going?

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    Dana Delynn 

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Turns out I didn’t have the flu, but I’m still fighting a major cold. My mother in law is in town for Thanksgiving, and she is a nurse, so she has helped me figure out what medicine to take, can’t wait to go to sleep! 🙂