13 Nov 2007 Gotta have a Flu Shot
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I got my flu shot today! With being around kids so much with subbing and being in a cold state I figured the flu shot is a must this year. Especially since I’m starting to sub in pre-k tomorrow until the end of December. Yesterday I helped Amanda out at her day care. Her co-teacher wasn’t going to be there, so I stepped in and helped. That was what made my final decision and be quick at getting my shot. Also, Tim has been sick the last few days, and I can really tell he is sick ’cause he is actually taking medicine! Usually he is the healthy one of the 2 of us, so that scares me to that he is sick and I am still doing okay, so I definitely wanted to be preventative.

I am trying to have self control and not buy any Christmas decorations. I hit a great after Christmas sale last year, so I want to try to just use that stuff. I already used most of our lights on our tower, and I want some for our other porches, but I will probably just have to make do, unless I take it out of my blow money. We’ll see how desperate I get. I could always take some of the lights from the tower and put them elsewhere. Hmmm.

I’m starting to decorate a little at a time ’cause we have a Christmas party for our youth workers on December 4th. I originally thought I could decorate after Thanksgiving Day, but Tim and I will be down in the city with his brothers, and then the next weekend we’re back in the city for a youth conference, so now is really my time to do what I want for decorating.

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