21 Oct 2007 Youth Group
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Youth Group has been great lately. We had 2 weeks off from our small group, so it was wonderful to be back with my girls. And my teaching partner missed the week, so I asked one of our girls who is a senior if she would step in and help lead. She was such a help! With us not meeting for a couple of weeks the girls were extra chatty so we split the group in half and it went well. Then Thursday night one of my small group girls had everyone over for a game night. That was fun too, I had been wanting a time to get to know the girls in a different atmosphere, and I didn’t even have to plan it! 🙂
I think Allison (my senior high girl) is going to help out again this week with confirmation, and hopefully stay in there with us. I think the girls will listen to her really well, and I think she will learn a lot from it also.

Senior High Youth Group was fun tonight. Most of the youth are athletic so we usually do something pretty athletic. I am so worn out tonight! We played several different versions of dodge ball, Tim lead a lesson and then we played volleyball. I am feeling really worn out and am afraid I wont be getting better if I wear myself out. Now I feel like I’ve got some kind of sinus junk and my head feels huge. What started off as a sore throat turned into a scratchy throat and what I thought were allergies, and now I’m guessing sinus’. I have no clue what is going on! 🙂

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