17 Oct 2007 Subbed in 6th
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Two Fridays ago I subbed in a 6th grade classroom. I was nervous because they are older than I have taught before, and it was a Friday so I knew they would be rowdy, and then I checked online to see what the school has going on, and it was a pep-rally day. So the class was really hard to handle, but we did accomplish everything on the schedule. I was stretched thin with them and got pretty frustrated. They were always loud and took forever to get control of the class.

Today I was able to sleep in, which was greatly needed, and felt so good! I was able to get a little cleaning done around the house and also just relax and read. Then around 10:30 I got a phone call asking if I would come in for the afternoon and sub for the same 6th grade class ’cause the teacher wasn’t feeling well. (This is the same school where I subbed for 3rd grade.) So I agreed and immediately started praying up until the students came into the classroom. And today was great! I was shocked! Especially with my toughest girl being such an angel. I was really wondering what was going on. I was talking to someone about it today and they said, “They must have really liked you.” I am still in awe with how well today went. Sure it was only half a day, but it was great. I laid down the law when I got in. They knew my throat wasn’t feeling well so I wasn’t going to put up with anything, and they believed me after the first 3 free time minutes I took away. Some students made it their mission to keep the class on track, and that helped a lot. I was worried about how my throat would do a second day in a row of teaching, and I was right to worry. The teacher has been reading a chapter book to them when they finish work, so I read almost a whole chapter when at the end of the second to last paper my throat gave out and it bothered me too much to talk. I asked for a volunteer to read and a few raised their hands then noticed one girl raise her hand and they all agreed for her to read. What a saver! 🙂

I really am impressed that the students were so good today and helped me out, and took into consideration that my throat wasn’t great. Oh! And I am the only sub that they have had twice so far. After today I really wouldn’t mind subbing in there again.

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