29 Oct 2007 No More Credit Card Debt!
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Tim and I just put our last payment on our credit card, so now we are credit card debt free! We have gone the last 2 months without using our credit card and just paid off the rest of what was on it. Man that feels good! We haven’t made our budget for next month, we’ll probably do that tomorrow, but it feels great to have that debt out of the way! We will have to make our budget for next month work with the money we have. I have a feeling we’ll be cutting it a little close with Thanksgiving and Tim’s family coming in and presents to buy, but I really feel like God is smiling at us taking this debt seriously and getting out of it. There will probably be no eating out next month for us, but that’s alright, we only ate out one time this month, so I think we can go a whole month without eating out. I enjoy cooking, and it’s nice when I cook a larger meal and we have left overs…which is very nice when we just want something quick for dinner.

So now we just have my car to pay off then Tim’s student loans. If we keep putting on the amount we’ve done each month so far then we should be out of debt in a year! I am so totally excited!

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