22 Oct 2007 Hallmark
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God is so amazing! Almost a month ago I went and got an application from Hallmark. My very first job in high school was at a Hallmark and I absolutely loved it! Tim and I are trying to get out of debt right now, and I am substitute teaching, but I have been feeling like I need to do something more to speed up the process. So, this holiday season I will be working at Hallmark! And God totally set everything up. After having the application for almost a month, I finally decided that today is the day to turn it in. The only person working happened to be the manager and she was working on the schedule for the next month. I went and handed her my application and was about to walk out when I stopped and asked if they were going to be hiring any time soon, and she said, “Well actually, I need more help for the holiday season.” So I told her I guess that would work, I could do that. (I’m hoping it’ll end up longer than that.) As I replied she looked at my application and saw that I have worked at a Hallmark before, and we talked a little more then set up my first day to go in and train! So God willing my first day in there will be right before Thanksgiving, and I’ll be working evenings the last week of November and through December.

It’s only minimum wage, and Tim made it clear that I can do a lot better than that (and I know I could), but I really think I will enjoy it, and I’m pretty sure Dave Ramsey would be proud of me. By the way the manager was talking when I told her there were days that I would be out of town, is sounded like the schedule will be pretty flexible.

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    Dana – I found your sight randomly and found it interesting somethings that we share in common. (Oh, I am not the Mandy Moore who is an actor, we just share a name 🙂 ) I am married to a Youth Pastor, we grew up in Texas, we now live states away from home (PA) and I first worked as a sub when out of college.
    I pray the Lord will bless you and your husbands ministry. We have been in youth ministry for 15 years and LOVE it!!
    You can see more about us at http://www.themooresonline.org
    if you desire.
    The Lord Bless You!!