09 Oct 2007 American Princess
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I am a sucker for most of the reality shows that come out. But Tim and I haven’t had TV for a few months. We canceled it to open up more money for us to throw on our debt to get out of it. Every Tuesday we get together with young married couples for dessert, and the TV was on at our friends house. They were flipping through the channels when Tim said, “Hey that girl looks like Cassie from our old church.” I took a closer look and was for sure it was Cassie. But we still waited until they put her name up on the screen. I had always thought it would be kind of funny to see someone I actually knew on one of those many reality shows I watch, and it finally happened! Cassie has an amazing voice and lead worship at our church in Texas for a while. It was so funny to see her on TV. I caught the second to last episode when there was only 3 girls left, then came home to look up info of the show and found out that she won the title of American Princess!

The show took 12 girls in and put them through a series of tests and teachings of how to have manners like a princess. At least that’s what I understand of it so far. Hopefully we’ll be able to find the episodes online to download so I can watch the whole season.

How funny!

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