29 Sep 2007 Great Weekend!
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David, Adrienne and Noah came to visit us this weekend. They came Friday afternoon and just left. On Friday we went out to the pumpkin patch to take pictures of Noah, and then we just hung out and watched 16 Blocks. Great movie! Today we went for a bike ride which was fun until we had to turn around and ride into the wind. Yuck! It was worth it though ’cause Adrienne and I got to talk for a while, which I really enjoyed. It was so much fun to play with Noah too. He is such a cute and handsome baby and very talkative already! I was so excited when Tim told me they were going to visit and even more so that they were going to spend the night to give us more time to hang out. I love having company over, especially family. It’s so much fun to hang out and get to know each other better. I’ll hopefully have some pictures to post of this weekend later.

Tim and I also got to go to the 55+ cookout tonight which was fun. They invited Tim to do the devotional for the evening, so I went along with him. Every time we meet a new group of people in our church I am so thankful that God brought us here. It was sweet too, I scrapped up my hand on our bike ride today, and when the ladies noticed it they took me and doctored up my hand. I loved it! 🙂 I also met a sweet lady who is 85. We sat and talked for a while about her family and us moving up here. I love meeting older people. It is so nice to be surrounded by people of all generations.

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