02 Aug 2007 The Total Money Makeover
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Everyone needs to go out and buy “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey. Tim and I met with a financial adviser in our church this morning, and I am so excited! He told us to read this book and then we’ll meet again. Today was a very busy day at work for me, but I still got to page 79 in here. The other girl called in sick, so I had double the work to do, which today the machines weren’t running smoothly, so I actually kept busy. But this book is so good I was reading it every chance I got.

We are putting off buying a house. We’ve only been married for one year, so we can stand renting for a while longer. But I started calling around tonight when I got home for other rent homes we can move into with lots cheaper rent. Turns out we’re renting for about $200 more than we should be if we want to get out of debt. We don’t have hardly any debt compared to most of America, but any debt is not good, and we want to get rid of it. So we already agreed on a couple monthly payments that we don’t need, and will cancel. And we’ve got a plan on how to pay off our credit card and car note and student loans.

Last night when I was thinking renting for cheaper would be helpful I wasn’t looking forward to moving so soon, but now after meeting with the financial adviser and reading this book, I am very excited. ‘Cause the sooner we do this the sooner we can stop worrying about interest rates and save up to buy a house!

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