30 Aug 2007 My New Bike
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One of the moms of our youth gave Tim and I a gift card to the bike store in town, so we waited for the end of the season clearance and got me a bike!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and Tim and I both came home thinking that it was the perfect day to get my bike and go riding. No kidding, we really both were thinking on the same brain wave. I thought about going to get me a bike as I pulled into the drive way then sort of forgot about it while I checked my email, then when Tim came home he said something like, “You know what we should do today?” And I replied, “Go get me a bike!” I don’t know much about bikes, so Tim did all the talking and asking about what ever he was asking. Then we went home and Tim fixed up his bike and we went riding for an hour. It was so nice to go riding. Which also meant that I didn’t have to wake up extra early this morning for my jog. I rode for another hour today. I use to drive around town figuring out which roads go where, but I like it even more getting to ride my bike. I did 30 minutes this morning by myself before lunch, and then Tim and I did 30 more minutes together before dinner.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another nice day to go bike riding again.

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