18 Aug 2007 MUUUCE
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Tim and I got back from taking our Junior High students to Most Unbelievable Ultimate Urban Camping Experience (MUUUCE). Which consisted of 800+ Junior High students! Since we’re new to most of the activities up here, one of the Dads took charge and put everything together, and we also had a Mom come help chaperon. Both of which do an incredible job with our students.

We left the church at 1pm Thursday to head down to the city. We rented a charter bus, so that was very comfortable (18 students plus 4 adults) and convenient since non of us adults had to drive…saves a lot of energy! We made it to the main church in time for dinner and our first session of music and a message. Then we headed out to the Water Park of America. I don’t think I have ever seen an indoor water park until we moved up here, and they are all over the place here! They are a lot smaller than the outdoor water parks I’m use to, but it’s so nice to have them up here since it is mostly cold year round (we’re in the 50s today! I almost got all my sweaters out today).

Friday we were on the bus at 7:30 to eat breakfast at 8 and then session 2 with more music and a message. Then were out for the day to Valley Fair then a Twins game (vs. Texas Rangers) and then MUUUCE held what they call CHAOS (Crazy Humans Attempting Outrageous Stuff) which was a medley of messy games.

Lights out was a little after 1am this morning, we were back to our church by 2pm and off to Joyce’s surprise birthday party today that started at 3, so we were a little late after kids were all finished being picked up at 3. After the party I came home and cooked Tim and I a good chicken dinner, trying a new recipe out of one of our wedding gift cookbooks from a lady at my Dad’s church, which was made up of people’s favorite recipes.

I really enjoy hanging out with our Junior High students. There were a few on the trip that I hadn’t met before, and are just as awesome as the ones I already knew. I was already impressed by the junior high students here from the first night of youth group we attended. And now after being around 800+ junior high students for a 3 day event, I am even more impressed with our students. They seemed to be more mature and respectful than others, and were just great to spend time with and bond with. I am so glad God gave me the opportunity to help out with MUUUCE.

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    Sounds like an awesome time. Remembering you guys in my prayers. Love ya.

    Aunt Wanda

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    Thanks for coming to the surprise Birthday party Rol planned for me. It blessed my heart that you came right from MUUSE! Thank you also for the precious letter you penned for my memory book.

    I thank God for you and Tim each day and am overjoyed that you are ministering with us in Alexandria!!