29 Aug 2007 Happy Birthday Great G’ma Z!
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Today is my Great Grandma Z’s birthday. She turned 91 today and is such an incredible lady. I am bummed though ’cause I was thinking I still had another day or two to call her. I thought I was doing so good remembering my Great Grandma’s Birthday sending her a card and kept reminding myself that I need to call her this week. I was thinking her bday was the 30th or the 31st, knowing that it was the end of the month, but I just looked at a letter she recently sent to make sure and get her phone number, and her birthday was today! I am so bummed that I didn’t call her today, so I will have to make sure to call her tomorrow, and not just during a break I get from work, but when work is done for the day, I need to call and spend a while on the phone with her. Ahh I’m so bummed.

My other bummer for the day is I was finally looking forward to getting to go eat dinner out with the ladies in our church again. I was able to do that when we first moved here, and then ever since each month they’ve done it I’ve had something going on. They usually meet on Thursdays, so I’ve had in my head that I am going to make a point to be there, so I just checked my email to see what time to be there, and they were meeting tonight instead! What a bummer!

But I did have a good day today, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow! 🙂

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