14 Jul 2007 What a Day
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Today has been pretty fun. Tim and I took it slow this morning, grilled some burgers for lunch, then went to Clara’s for ice cream. I had heard from many people that it is the best ice cream in town, and so far I agree.

After ice cream Tim and I met with Doug to go see a couple houses I had looked at online. We are finally looking into houses that are in our price range instead of what we wish we could own…which is what my parents have worked up to their whole lives. It’s hard to transition from what you’re use to living in to what you can actually afford yourself. The two houses we looked at were okay, but I don’t think we’ll be jumping on them right now. If something does come up that is a good deal and we like a lot, then we’ll probably go with that when ever that happens. The rent home we’re in right now is incredible, but I’m with us buying a home and moving in at any point. I really like the thought of us owning our own home, and first home.

I am babysitting Davis and Bria over night. Davis was great, and I felt sorry for him ’cause Bria was fussy most of the time, so I couldn’t give Davis the attention I wanted to. Davis got to sleep a little before 9 and Bria right before 10, she was fighting it like crazy.

Tomorrow is the Jr. High canoe trip. We’re going to the early service and leaving after that. Amanda works in the nursery during early service so that’s perfect timing with the kids. I was told that they slept all night at their grandparents last night, so hopefully that will happen again tonight. Tomorrow is going to be an early morning, and I will soon learn what it’s like to get kids around for Church in the morning!

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