22 Jul 2007 One Year Anniversary
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Happy Anniversary Tim! I really enjoyed this last year spending it with you and all the experiences we had together. I am blessed to be your wife!

Tim and I had a wonderful time celebrating our anniversary. We stayed at the resort in town, did some putt-putt golf there, had a nice dinner, exchanged gifts and ate dessert in bed while watching our wedding video which was one of my presents from Tim. (This is the view from our room.)

At dinner there was a small vase on our table of daises which were in mine and my bridesmaids bouquets. Perfect table decoration for our anniversary! 🙂

Then today (our actual anniversary) we ate lunch out at a fun restaurant in town that we have not tried yet, and then had Wake n’ Ski with our youth. I skied for the first time and Tim slalomed.

Well, Tim actually tried to slalom, he was learning today, which was his third time to ever ski. Pretty impressive. Look at his muscular arms! 😉

Here is our wedding video Tim put together:

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    Happy Anniversary to two people that God has placed together for ever. I can’t believe it’s been a year already,time goes by so fast! This new year will add more and more memories as you two share each day together in Him!!
    Jason and Kym