18 Jul 2007 Okay, Real Quick
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Work is going okay. It is super boring, but it pays well…better than any job I’ve had yet. And I get a lot of overtime. I work a 9 hour day give or take a little. I was told 8-5, but that’s if everything is on schedule which hasn’t happened yet. And we only get a 30 minute lunch break, so I get 30 minutes overtime every day at least.

Lunch is quick but nice. I work only a mile away from the church, so Tim and I have been eating lunch at the church. I’m on my own for Friday though, unless he comes to visit…which would be fun! 😉

It hasn’t been as cool for night, so last night Tim and I slept in the basement. We did it Ricky and Lucy style, having our own twin beds. Tim is putting our King size sheets in the dryer right now so we can put the beds together.

We have found a house that we like, but aren’t too serious on it. We’ve been talking a lot about finances, and aren’t sure about what we can afford, ’cause we could afford something nice right now, but if we start a family and have to add on more people to pay for, then we might not be able to get as nice of a house. It’s hard to keep in mind that we wont be living in what my parents have now.

Pray for me. I’m working in a machine factory, so it’s mainly older men who curse. That cursing is getting into my head, and I find myself thinking those words every once in a while, and I want it to stop. If I think them for too long I could start saying them, and that would not be good. So pray that God will keep me from letting those words sink into my head and even think them.

With late working evenings (8am-6pm or so) and then youth group at our house I haven’t had much time to get online. There is an Elementary Teaching position open in the district. I’m assuming that it’s full time, there wasn’t much info on the position, don’t even know what grade. Hopefully this is the full time position I’ve been praying for. Pray that God will provide a teaching position for me in the Fall, that would be wonderful!

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    Hey Dana, Try this. Everytime you hear a curse word replace it with a praise or phrase of a song. Call out the name of Jesus and you will be amazed how much better your day will be.

    Much Love,