28 Jul 2007 House Hunt
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Tim and I went around town today with our friend Doug who is a Realtor. We looked at a few houses, a couple that are do-able. One that is really nice, but we’re not sure if it’s in our price range. We have no clue what we can afford ’cause we’ve never owned a house and know what all that entails. And Tim has the great point that what we can afford right now might not be what we can afford later on when we have kids.

The first house we went to the family was just leaving when we got out of the car. And the first person we see is a girl in our youth group. We were excited to see her and didn’t know they were planning to move…out of state! 🙁 So we asked when they’re moving and she said, “As soon as our house sells. … Don’t buy our house.” She is such a sweet girl, and that is sad news to hear that they’ll be moving. So we walked around the house to look at it still knowing that we can’t buy her house, ’cause if we did then that would mean she moves, and if we had any youth activities at her house her friends would all know it as her house.

We did find one really really nice house, with an unfinished basement, but we’re not sure how much they are willing to come down, and we’re not even sure what we can afford when we have kids. Trying to figure out expenses Tim text’d his brother Dan asking how much a kid costs each month and almost immediately Dan called back asking when I was due! 🙂 haha! I just thought that was the funniest thing, it didn’t even cross my mind that they would get that idea, Tim and I were just trying to figure out what we can afford for a house.

So I started researching some cheaper homes in case we’re still above our price range. We’ve already dropped our price range by $30,000 from when we first started looking around. We’ll see. I think we’re going to meet with a financial adviser to get some help figuring these things out.

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