20 Jul 2007 God’s Blessings
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Wanda, we have got to be thinking with the same brain! Yesterday and today I listened to Chris Tomlin on the way to church, at lunch break and on the way home. I caught myself yesterday on thinking any words, and would talk to God when I heard the words. I also found out that I was repeating in my head the phrases that I heard people say, so I cut that off before it even started yesterday morning. Praise God! I’m sure it’ll still be a struggle that I’ll have to stay on top of and give every instance to God every time it happens.

Most of the way home I had tears of joy. God has totally amazed me with all He has done for Tim and I since we moved up to Minnesota. And today God did it again! My job really isn’t all that bad. It is boring, but I learned to bring something to read, and they don’t mind if I play the games on the computer for when the machine is down and the guys are working on it. I’ve also learned some about the machines and catch some things the guys don’t, and I have helped figure out a couple problems now! 🙂 I am told a couple times a day though that they plan for me to be completely bored because that means that the machines are running smoothly. So they want me to be bored! What a job! And when the machines are running smoothly I can’t read or play games ’cause I have to keep alert in case something does happen.

So God has blessed me with this great paying job, and I get lots of over time with it. I worked 47 hours this week, 10.5 of those were today. I worked from 8-6:30 without a break. I ate my lunch while I worked. The biggest blessing came as a huge surprise. Bill, the guy who hired me is with Frito Lay in Plano. He knew that Tim and my one year anniversary is this weekend and asked what we’re doing. So I told him we’re going to the resort in town and he goes, “Let me see if I can get you the employee discount there.” Bill stays at the resort while he is here for the week and gets a huge discount there. So he called the resort up and told them that I am working with his company, and they gave us the discount! I am so so so excited! This was perfect timing with our finances too. We already have a gift certificate for the resort, and before were going to have to pay extra on top to finish paying for our room, and then pay out of pocket for dinner too. But now with the discount it covers our room and will cover a very nice dinner for us at the resort too! So what a complete blessing, not just for our anniversary but also for our situation right now! God is so amazing!

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