25 Jul 2007 Baked Chimichangas
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I was craving Mexican food yesterday and the only place to go for some good Mexican food here is my own kitchen. We always have left over chicken when I cook a whole chicken in the crock-pot, so I come up with different recipes to use it for. Usually the chicken goes to fajitas and chicken sandwiches.

Yesterday I was thinking about doing quesadillas, and went to the store to get tortillas and sour cream, but saw a can of cheese sauce for putting on top of burritos and chimichangas, so I figured I’d try to make chimichangas for the first time. I read the recipe on the back of the can, then did my own thing.

I saute’d onions and the chicken together with Tex Joy Fajita Seasoning. Then rolled them up in a tortilla and baked it for 10 minutes at 400. Then spread the cheese sauce on top and ate with sour cream and avocado. And of course we had the staple sides of beans and rice. I was really surprised with how good the chimichangas were. I’m still not too confident on my cooking skills, especially just doing my own thing, but this was great!

I didn’t have to work today, there wasn’t any data to be taken today, they’re moving all the machines around. So I made quesadillas for lunch with the rest of our chicken and took it to church to eat lunch with Tim. The quesadillas are made the same way, except just lay a tortilla flat, but a little cheese down for glue (and ’cause it’s yummy) then put the saute’d onion and chicken, a little more cheese and another tortilla. And I again baked it at 400 for 10 minutes. 5 minutes on each side. The church secretaries and Pastor Rol tried them and said they were fantastic. I am proud of myself with my cooking skills lately. 🙂

Pray for one of our youth, Tyler. He is in Panama with Global Expeditions and either got a spider bite or mosquito bite and is in the hospital there with a really high fever. That is the last I heard, there are a couple different stories going around about it, so I’m not sure what exactly is going on, but pray for his health so he gets better quick.

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    And they were so yummy, too! Thank you, baby!