02 Jun 2007 Katelin is Here!
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Eating at the Olive Garden.
Out Shopping.
Working on the coconut.

Katelin flew in on Thursday to stay with us until the 12th. I’m so excited she’s here! We spent Thursday night at Dan and Maggies and went to the Mall of America on Friday. Then we came to our house before dark so Katelin could see around. Today we had a grad party to go to of one of our youth, then I drove Katelin around town. After that we went grocery shopping and have been cooking and playing video games.

A couple weeks ago I bought a pineapple ’cause I hadn’t ever bought a fresh one, and I looked up how to cut it and found directions on how to open a coconut also. Last night during dinner we watched Unwrapped on Tropical foods and learned that the packages coconut flakes you buy at the store are 30% sugar. So today while we were at the store we saw coconuts for $1.50 and decided we’d try opening one and see what it actually tastes like. I already knew that it wouldn’t be nearly as sweet as what I’m use to, but when I tasted the milk it was pretty gross. (At least I thought so.) The meat was okay. I found a good smoothie recipe with coconut and it was awesome! It had pineapple and banana in it also. Very tasty!

So that’s whats going on so far. Tim has eaten what we’ve made and been working on his website trying to get it up and going again ASAP. Tomorrow is church and another grad party and maybe some Ultimate Frisbee depending on the weather.

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