04 Jun 2007 Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
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Today is my Mom and Dad’s 30th Anniversary! Such a great accomplishment and I am so glad to say they’re my parents. My parents have taught me so much throughout the years, and I can give them the credit for being Tim’s wife. If I hadn’t grown up as a PK watching my parents in the ministry with the ups and downs it can bring, then being a Pastor’s wife would probably be out of the question. But growing up and watching my parents, specifically how my mom deals with things I knew that being a Pastor’s wife wont be easy, and that God probably has a purpose with me learning from my parents.

It’s also been great to pass along knowledge from my parents. In high school I remember my dad constantly telling me, “A situation is only as bad as you make it.” It took me until college to understand that truth, and now as I work with teenagers I find myself telling students the same thing.

I love my parents dearly. I love what they have passed down to me. I love the example they have lived for my faith, ministry, and the importance of family.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, I love you!

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