18 May 2007 Getting to Know You
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The associate pastor and his wife put on a pot luck dinner at their house for the new young couples in the church to get to know each other. This is so good for Tim and I just moving here, and come to find out, most of the people that were there have only been at our church for less than a year. One couple I talked to said that they haven’t even found a young married couple in the church to hang out with yet. Tim and I got the information for 2 couples to start hanging out with…hopefully our Tuesday nights will become even bigger. And then I got to talk to a couple others that we have met and talked to some, but not real quality time. I really enjoyed talking with the Pastor’s wife tonight. She had a lot of good advice and insight for me being a newly wed. I also got to talk to another lady who recently had a child, so I got to hold her son as we talked. Hopefully I’ll get to start hanging out with her more too.

I’m really glad we had this night to get to know others, and it seems like everyone else was needing this as well to get connected with other people. When I subbed in 1st grade for 2 days a few weeks ago there were 3 boys in the classroom that go to my church, and one of them was there tonight with his family. His mom came and introduced herself to me, and I was able to catch the boy’s eye to smile and say hi…his face just lit up! 🙂

There were also a couple of young single girls that were there tonight too. They were so sweet and eager to talk to me. It’d be fun to do a girl’s night and hang out with them.

I am really looking forward to putting time and energy into building more relationships with people here. God is awesome.

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