18 Apr 2007 Yesterday
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I had a great day yesterday! It finally got warm enough up here for the ice on our lake to completely melt. The day before we still had quite a bit of ice on it, but not anymore!
I went over to Amanda and Connor’s house to visit for a little while. Then at 2 I went over to another lady in the church, Robin’s house. It was fun visiting with her. Her family moved up here from Kansas in August. So they are pretty new to the area too. I love meeting people from down South too. I just feel an instant connection with them ’cause we can relate to all the changes and things you have to get use to of the Northern culture. The main thing is getting use to taking your shoes off when you go into someone’s house. Definitely something we’re not use to. 🙂

Then last night Tim and I had Amanda and Mark over for dinner and watched “RV” with Robin Williams in it. Grace (Tim’s sister) had mentioned many times that it’s a good movie, so I had been wanting to watch it for a while. It was very funny, I think we laughed through the whole movie.

We also watched American Idol, which I was very pleased with. And I’m actually listening to country music right now ’cause it got me missing it. Phil Stacey was amazing last night. Country music is his nitch and he did a GREAT job! I was so excited for him that I voted for him for the first time. Awesome job Phil! I thought Lakisha totally bombed her performance. She picked a song that meant something to her, and I love the song “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood, but it wasn’t a song for Lakisha’s voice. Jordin Sparks did well as always. And Melinda Doolittle was just my favorite as always. And I think she just looked gorgeous last night! I loved her outfit and how her hair was done. I think last night was her best performance overall. So of course I voted for Melinda also. 🙂

I wasn’t impressed with any of the other singers. I thought Blake did okay. I was glad that the judges finally pointed out Chris’ nasally singing. It gets on my nerves every time I listen to him. I just can’t handle it. I’ll be okay if he is voted off tonight.

I was mainly excited ’cause Melinda did awesome as always and Phil did an incredible job! I really like his personality, I think he is a really sweet guy and humble and just likes to have fun, so it was great to see him in his element.

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    Would Illinois be considered “down South” too? Because I have never heard of people taking their shoes off to enter a house, unless of course…they were muddy. It’s amazing about the different customs from state to state!

    I also think that it’s wonderful you and your husband minister together. God bless you both, and your ministry!