10 Apr 2007 The Last Few Days
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Easter Sunday was wonderful. It’s nice to enjoy all the firsts with being married. God has blessed Tim and I with such a wonderful church family. The youth put on an Easter breakfast to raise money for our 2008 mission trip to Belize. There was a good amount of people that came to help support the youth. The youth worked so hard at making the breakfast possible, and there were lots of great adult helpers and parents that contributed also.

David and Adrienne were able to come up and spend Easter with us also. We all went and had lunch at the home of a family in our church who invited us over. Being with friends and family that you love makes holidays even more special, so I am so grateful for that opportunity. This was my first year to be away from my parents and sister for Easter, so it was very nice to have plans. I still get homesick, but not as bad now.

The other day Amanda and Connor came over. They have been cleaning things out of their house and had a couple things that Tim and I are so happy to have from them. They continue to make us feel welcomed and blessed. Then tonight Tim and I had dinner at another couple’s home, Amanda and Mark. They’re another young couple our age that we met last week. We’re slowly getting to know people our age. It’ll come as time passes while we’re here. I’m still adjusting to things, so I’m okay with taking things slow. 🙂

I still don’t have a job. I had to redo my fingerprints for my certification, so I got that done tonight after dinner. Now I’ll mail them in tomorrow and pray that these are good for them to keep. I had an interview Saturday to be a photographer’s assistant. I was pretty excited about it ’cause I love photography and thought it’d be a good opportunity to learn more about it, but I would have been working a lot one and one with the photographer who is a man. He is looking for a female assistant to be around when he’s doing wedding photos and girl’s photos, but that would also require other times when it would just be the two of us. Tim holds the standard of never being alone with a female who isn’t me or family, and I really appreciate that and admire that of him. With that, I need to hold myself to the same standard. I’m a little bummed to turn down a photography position, but I know God will have the perfect job for me. I did enjoy meeting the photographer’s wife. She was really sweet, and they were both complimentary about my portfolio cd of some of my favorite pictures. She had just had surgery on one of her legs last Saturday. I’ve been praying for her recovery. We talked a little bit, and like most people it’s hard to just lay around and rest when there are things to be done. Although the job wont work out, it was fun to meet new people.

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