30 Apr 2007 Soooo Tired!
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I highly doubted that I would work today, so Tim and I stayed up pretty late last night. Then at 6:20 this morning the phone rings! I had already decided last night that if I got a call for a para-sub then I wouldn’t take it ’cause I have a lot of cleaning to do around the house, but if the call was for substitute teaching then I would take it ’cause I want to get into a teaching position in the Fall.
Well, the call was for a substitute teaching position. Although I was exhausted and would have loved to stay in bed, I accepted the position. I was the Media Teacher. I had a few computer classes and I got to read a story to a couple Kindergarten classes. I enjoyed the day, just was tired all day. I did get to meet a couple more members of our church by being there. Not as many as at the other elementary school I was at last week, but it was still nice.

When I got home today I checked our messages, and had one from Cindy asking me to drive down to Oklahoma with her this week. She is going Wednesday-Friday. While listening to the message I thought, “Oh, that would be fun to take a road trip and spend time with her, and hopefully get some Sonic.” Then when I started talking to Tim about the possibility he mentioned me calling my parents and seeing if they could come up and see me while I’m in OK. Right when he said that I just started bawling. I didn’t realize how much I missed my family. I know I have been homesick often since moving, but I didn’t know to what extent. It just seems unreal to me to think that I could possibly see my parents this week!
They still have to talk about it and make a decision if they will come and see me in OK. I already committed to going, so now I’m just praying that they can make it. Dad said that G’ma and G’pa W are going to be up at the camp grounds, so they will be pretty close to where I will be, so hopefully I can see them too maybe. We’ve only been up here for almost 3 months, which isn’t long, but talking to Ruth tonight made more since as to why I am so ready to see my family right now. Tim and I have been through a lot of changes with this move, so it’s a nice thought to get to see my family right now.

I need to go clean our kitchen, we’re out of spoons. And then I want to soak in the tub and go to sleep early.

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    I hope you see your parents and I’m sure you’ll have a good time, although I’ll miss you a lot!!!