15 Apr 2007 Real Quick
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I need to get to bed, but wanted to write something since I haven’t in a while. Wednesday I got 2 cavities filled and my jaw hurt until Saturday from keeping it open the whole time. Thursday Tim got his teeth cleaned and I went next door to see about getting on with a temp agency in town. Friday at 8am I went in for testing and short interview with the staffing agency. Thursday at 10:30am-2:40pm I was a para-sub at the Jr. High School in town. For the most part it was good. Most of the students were really sweet and fun to work with. One class was difficult with a couple behavior kids I had to pretty much babysit to try to keep them on task. I didn’t enjoy that.

Friday at 4:30 Tim and I left for Minneapolis with a couple of the girls in our youth group to go to M.O.V.E. (Mission Outreach Venture Experience) We had worship at First Covenant Minneapolis and slept over at the church. Saturday morning we had worship then went out to our work site. We painted a room in the basement of a Baptist church in St. Paul. Then we went back for worship and headed home after stopping for dinner at Dan and Maggie’s.

Today was another full day. After church we had a youth leader meeting then came home for a short nap then back up at the church for youth group. I just finished making my lunch for tomorrow. I am going back to the Jr. High School to be a para-sub for the whole day for a different person. I enjoyed my position as a para on Friday much better than when I was in the High School. Hopefully tomorrow will be another good day.

I need to wake up extra early ’cause I’ve been playing phone tag with the district sub coordinator. I am certified for elementary now, so I can substitute teach now instead of just do para-sub, but I need to talk to a lady first, and she will be out of the office before I am done at the school tomorrow, so I’ll have to call her early before I leave.

I have loved participating in ministry along side Tim. It is such a great experience, and everything is so much better now that we are married doing ministry together.

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