21 Apr 2007 Glory is Here!
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This weekend has been fun so far. Wednesday night Tim and I spent the night at Dan and Maggie’s. Thursday Glory flew in and we all and David hung out for the day. We ate some good burritos, and tacos for lunch then came back to the house to eat some Happy Birthday Ice Cream cake for me. Yum! Then we all headed to the park for a walk. It was so much fun to play on the playground. It’s been a while since I’ve gone down a slide. So much fun!

Yesterday Amanda came over with Davis and Bria. We all walked down to our lake and had lots of fun hanging out. Davis had a ton of energy and made a new best friend in Glory. Then Tim took Glory’s senior pictures. He did a great job on mine last year, so I showed Glory those and decided to do hers! 🙂 They are so pretty!

Today we drove around town a little, saw a couple open houses, at some good Papa Murphey’s Pizza and played Simpson’s Clue. Now I think Glory and I are gonna do some Cardio Hip Hop.

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    Happy Birthday!