16 Mar 2007 This Week
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Sunday was good. Bad timing with the time change though. Tim read during the early service, so I was struggling to stay awake during service and Sunday school. It was nice to take a nap afterwards though. And then I subbed at the high school on Monday and Tuesday. They are looking to hire someone for a position that is open, so I tried it out and turned it down. It wasn’t something I would be passionate about. I was certified in Texas to teach elementary, and I was in the highschool doing special ed. I just don’t think God has geared me for that.

Monday night I stayed home instead of going to c-groups. I was very very homesick the week before until Monday. So I stayed home to spend some alone time with God, and then called Brianne. That helped a lot!

So Tuesday was my last day at the highschool. Then Tim and I gave our testimonies to the membership committee at church, working on getting our membership. Then I spent the rest of the day at Amanda and Connor’s. I got to hold Bria a lot, and stayed for dinner and American Idol.

Wednesday I went to the Jr. High youth group. I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot more kids names on Wednesday. Now I just have to pray that God will help me remember them. We split into small groups for discussion. I really liked me group. Great kids!

And then Wednesday night…or more like Thursday morning at 3:30 I was attacked with some type of stomach bug. Not a good day Thursday. I stayed in bed with our bathroom near by. Today I was feeling much better. But right now it’s late and way past my bed time. I’ll have to sleep in a while to catch up with my rest. Tim has been great all during this time. Anytime I needed anything, he was there. And constantly checking up on me. We had planned to go into the city Thursday, but when I had kept us awake from 3:30-4:30am and still was feeling horrible that morning, Tim backed out of his meeting he had and stayed with me. I was looking forward to getting to hang out with Adrienne, Maggie, and Ruby too. These meetings happen every month, so hopefully next month it’ll happen. I am very proud of Tim for taking care of me so well with me not feeling good. He kept me company when I wanted it, and left me alone with I wanted to be by myself. He brought me what I wanted, and made sure I was comfortable. What a husband! I love him!

So that’s my week.

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    I’m such a good husband. 🙂

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    Dana Delynn 

    🙂 yes you are!