17 Mar 2007 See ya later snow
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Well, all the snow has been melting. The sun has been warm and bright and our snow man is just part of one snowball now with sticks next to it on the ground. I’m going to miss the snow, but everyone up here tells us that the summers are gorgeous. I just wanted to share one last snow picture with y’all since it will all be gone soon. I took this picture by our house when we had our week of snow a couple weeks ago. I think these trees are gorgeous, and when they’re snow covered, even more so.

On a side note, I am feeling much better today. I made the mistake of eatin 5 chips with salsa…my stomach didn’t appreciate that, but it only took a little soda to fix. I spent the day finishing the puzzle that Grace got me for Christmas. I started it last night with just getting the border together. I’ll probably take it apart and put it back in the box tomorrow before Ruby gets here. I’ve always had the good intention of making pictures out of puzzles, but never have. So this time I figure it’d just be more fun to put all 1,000 pieces back together another time.

So thank you Grace for entertaining me all day long today! Tim doesn’t grasp the idea of why anyone would ever want to put a puzzle together. Although he did sit for about 15 minutes and help. He tried to tell me that I should have fun cleaning the house ’cause when it’s a mess, putting everything back in it’s place is like a puzzle. I do enjoy puzzles…but our house is totally different! 🙂

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    The snow there is so pretty! Our snow melted a number of weeks ago. I miss it already! I enjoy your blog very much. It’s nice to see a wholesome one like this! Keep up the good work!By the way, I like jig saws too. I do them on line too. Have you ever gone to jigzone.com? You can pick how many pieces, and how it is cut. I love it:) Thanks again for sharing your blog with everyone. God bless.