04 Mar 2007 My Job
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Previously I wrote how I was suppose to start working last Thursday. Well, I just wanted to share how awesome God is and how the position came about.

Word has spread around the church that I got my degree in education, and there are a few people from our church who work in the district office here. Well, earlier last week I got a phone call from one of the ladies while at work telling me that there is a position open and that I should turn in my application soon.

So I decided to go ahead and fill it out that day and take it in. And, before I could finish filling out my application I received a phone call from the principal at the high school here. He said that he had heard that I had gone by the district office looking for a job. So I told him, “well actually, I’m on my way to the office right now.” Before I could even turn in my application I got a call from the specific school! And he went on to tell me that I’m the top person on his list to contact about it.

I was kind of feeling a little rushed by all of this, but not wanting to miss out on the opportunity. So I wasn’t too bummed when school was canceled my first 2 days of work. I’ll just start when Spring Break is over.

God has been showering blessings on Tim and I with this move. And this one is another thing added to our list. I wasn’t even expecting to start looking for a job for a couple more weeks, and I’m the one getting contacted.

I mailed in my application to the state to become certified here. I just checked online, and it shows that they have received the application and that it is pending. So I’ll just have to keep checking back and see what happens.

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