05 Mar 2007 A Productive Day
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Since I might have work for the rest of the school year starting next Monday, I figured today would be the best day to go get a Minnesota license. I went and picked up the book to look over for the test last week. I read through a little last night and the rest today, and only missed one question. I missed how many feet you’re suppose to stop behind a school bus. I was overly careful and put 50, but it’s only like 20. Oh well. Tim went with me too and did a good job. Then we had to go to a different building to actually get our license. It felt like we stepped back into time today with getting our licenses. There are 2 buildings, 2 blocks away from each other that you have to go between to complete everything. Where we took the test there was only one laptop for the person sitting at a folding table to look up records on. We were handed a paper to bubble in answers and a packet with the questions. Then we sat in folding chairs that had the little desk table attached to it. Very old school. And to top it all off, our temporary paper license is actually a paper. Not quite a full sheet of paper, but almost.

Tim and I just got back about 30 minutes ago from skiing again. This time I didn’t have as much fun ’cause I was too busy being scared! 🙂 I liked the other day ’cause the snow was still falling, so the slopes were really fluffy and we went at a nice pace. Today, going back on my same green hill wasn’t so much fun ’cause I went faster than I would have liked. Even so, we went and tried the other green hill, and did that pretty well, except that it went even faster than the other one. And then Tim tried the blue hill, and I was curious enough to try it as well. That one really scared me, but I had a short conversation with God each time going down. 🙂 I was very impressed with Tim when he went down the black. He did really good. He kept on giving me a hard time for being scared the whole time and not falling once. I think that’s because the fear I had kept me up and doing what I was suppose to ’cause there was no way I wanted to fall! 🙂 But then, Tim got his wish at the very end when we were finished and I was trying to take off my skis. I stepped on the back of one of them to try to take it off, lost my balance and fell.

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