21 Feb 2007 Worn Out
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The other day Tim and I noticed that our clothes aren’t quite fitting as well as they use to, so I talked to some ladies in the church about what places there are in town to work out. One place in town lets pastors work out for free, so that’s great for Tim, but leaves me to find a place. Monday I was feeling so gross ’cause we haven’t worked out in about 3 months, so I got one of my pilates videos out. That felt wonderful. Then Tuesday morning I went to a yoga class at the church. There is a girl in the church that has to give a class for credit…so that’s great that I have a free class to go to. And then this morning, Ruth, our landlord/neighbor/one of the youth workers took me to her fitness place and used a guess pass to join her in the step-aerobic class. Man that was a hard class, but a great workout! I am exhausted after 3 days in a row of working out, so I think I might take a break tomorrow before I burn myself out.

Today Amanda called me with the good news that she went back to the doctor and he said that it’s possible for her baby to come any day now. He said he’d be surprised if it lasted ’til March 9th. So that is very exciting! She nannys a little girl during the week, and asked if I was interested in watching her the week that Amanda goes into labor. I’m pretty sure it’ll be able to work. If it’s next week then it’ll be Mon-Fri 7am-7pm or if in 2 weeks it’ll be Mon-Sun 7am-7pm. That’s a long time, but it’ll be fun, and I’ll make a little money. I’ll meet Tricia’s mom tonight. I met the little girl the Tuesday we moved here and then saw her again on Sunday. She is very sweet and well behaved.

Tim has a youth meeting tonight that I’ll go too with him and then tonight is Jr. high youth group. Then off to bed ’cause I’m exhausted!

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