26 Feb 2007 SNOW!!!
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On Thursday Tim and I walked across our lake since everything was warming up and melting we wanted to get our chance in while we could. Then Friday night and all day Saturday we got a really good snowfall. We didn’t play on Saturday because of how hard the snow was falling, and it was really windy. Today was a great snow day. Amanda and Connor came over with Davis (they were over last night too). And then Nancy brought Brittany, Brenden, and Brianna over. Apparently we and our land lords have the best hills on this side of the lake. It was fun riding down, but man, it was a work out to walk in about 15 inches of snow back up the hill. It still hasn’t stopped snowing, and shouldn’t until Friday. Church was canceled today due to the road conditions, but Tim will be going into the office tomorrow.

Tim sliding around on the lake. Right now, the snow goes up to his knees out on the lake!
A truck taking their fish house off of the lake.
My first time to shovel snow! (And wear my new snow boots outside!) 🙂
Our snow covered house.
Tim, Connor, Brittany and Brenden. They were pulling a snow tube and sled behind the snow mobile.

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    Ah, the fun of the snowmobile and sleds…
    I’ll break from the usual comments you’ve been receiving and ask, “How are you liking all the people asking, ‘How are you liking the snow?'”

  2. 2
    Dana Delynn 

    haha! I like it. I think it’s funny that when the people up here ask they’re looking to hear “I don’t like it”, but since this is my first time to see all of this, it’s great. I don’t mind letting people know how great it is. 🙂
    Playing in it is even better…I think I’ll stick the the sleds instead of the tube so I don’t go down backwards though! 🙂