16 Jan 2007 Weekend with Katelin and Brianne
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For the weekend Katelin and I went back to Dallas so I wasn’t away from Tim for more than three days, and Brianne came up to visit also. I had a wonderful time getting to hang out with my two favorite girls. Friday night was pretty relaxing just catching up on life. Saturday we slept in, went shopping and ate out at Cheddars. Then Sunday was Church and us girls hanging out while Tim was busy at the church. I introduced facebook to Brianne and Katelin unlocked everything on Crash Nitro Kart. Sunday evening the four of us played Taboo and Apples to Apples. Come to find out, my competitiveness that I inherited from my dad’s side can get pretty annoying to others during Taboo. 🙂

To add to the excitement of the weekend the weather men were forecasting horrible winter weather for the DFW area, of which we didn’t get any, but people still freaked out and stormed the grocery stores because we had rain and the temperatures were in the 30s. Tim and I had fun laughing about that with our move to Minnesota around the corner.

I think I’m unconsciously putting aside the thought that Tim and I are actually moving. I’ve moved all over Texas while growing up, but I still am not a fan of it. It hit reality a little more tonight when I spent some extra time with Katelin before she went to bed to say good bye since we’ll only get a little bit of time with each other before she goes to school in the morning.

I’ve got mixed emotions of happy, excited, sad and scared all at once about our move, but I guess that’s normal. God will bring me through it, and I know he will take care of all my loved ones here in Texas.

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