02 Jan 2007 Dating Advice
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The other day when Tim and I were in the car he was talking to a girl on the phone giving her advice about her relationship. It sounded like she was going through the same thing with her boyfriend that Tim and I did before our break we took. It was nice to hear Tim’s side of it.

While they were talking I started thinking that I really don’t have anything to take away from the experience of our break to use with helping someone else. I wouldn’t advise anyone to take the directions I did. I can’t even imagine what I put Tim through that summer. Looking back at everything that happened, it’s completely illogical that Tim and I are together right now, let alone married.

Tim helped me realize though how amazing God is. I can remember asking God every single day that if Tim really is the person he has for me to marry, that God would bring us back together. This goes back to the very first day Tim and I hung out. There wasn’t an attraction that first day, but as the night progressed until right before I went to bed I had this huge feeling that Tim is the one God made to be my husband. I didn’t know why or how anything would progress, so I wrote out my prayer to God that night talking about Tim so I could remember the moment and see if it was true.

The summer we weren’t together I kept feeling the same nudge as our first night, but was so frustrated with how things were going and in disbelief that we would ever end up together. I didn’t handle our relationship well, I probably did the opposite of what I should have. It is only by the grace of God that Tim and I are together.

Once God brought Tim and I back together, our relationship progressed really fast, another miracle God did. It is so amazing to look back on mine and Tim’s relationship and see that God was and is in control with every aspect. I’m interested to see what all God has in store for Tim and I. I would assume something pretty amazing because of all God has already brought us through.

So my dating advice isn’t anything someone should say or do. My advice is to give it all to God and let him work through things with you and for you. Trust in Christ and he will meet your needs.

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    I agree, God has something very special for you and Tim. All that happens is part of the process He uses to prepare you. What’s even more amazing than what He wants you to DO is what He wants you to BECOME. He’s working to make each of you in the image of Jesus! What could be more exciting than that! Love, Dad