27 Nov 2006 The Bachelor Rome
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Okay. It’s over. Lorenzo chose Jen. And I’m not happy. I don’t think I’d be really happy if he chose Sadie either…’cause I really liked Sadie.

Sadie was my favorite of all girls. I liked her morals and her personality and how much depth she had to her.
Jen I didn’t ever really like. She just seemed so flighty and airy to me. I never really saw much of a connection with her and Lorenzo like I did with him and Sadie.

I really liked that Sadie wrote in her list of what she wants in a man “Someone who cannot fathom being with another girl.” It frustrated me this whole final episode that up until the last days Lorenzo was saying that he couldn’t decide which girl he liked. With that I really didn’t want him to choose Sadie because she deserves someone much better than that. I’m frustrated and upset ’cause I hated seeing Sadie hurt. But I’m also relieved ’cause I don’t believe Lorenzo deserves her.

I hope that all the “confusion” through the finale was just for the show. I really hope Lorenzo knew who he wanted the whole time. I am glad that he didn’t propose at the end…but I’m confused as to why he still gave Jen the family ring. He didn’t ask her to marry him, so what was that?

I hope that things do work out for Lorenzo and Jen. I’m interested to watch the updates on “where is the bachelor now” type specials.
I really hope that Sadie ends up finding an incredible guy who will meet every requirement she has. It is possible. I have the best husband for me. God has truly blessed me with Tim. I am so lucky to have him as my prince!

Alright, that’s my rant on this season’s Bachelor. I didn’t miss a show. And Tim was wonderfully understanding about my addiction to the show, letting me have my TV time.

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    I agree with everything…I was so sad seeing Sadie cry, I just wanted to hug her! But she does deserve someone who will treasure her like she deserves to be….UGH
    I always say that I am not going to watch the next one, but when it comes back on, I am sure I will be watching…

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    Dana Delynn 

    Yeah, I get hooked so easily into these. I actually didn’t even know about this season until I was flipping through the channels on the night of the first episode and then I didn’t miss a week!

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    You get your TV, I get my Guild Wars. 😉