21 Nov 2006 Thanksgiving Plans
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Tim and I are at my parents for the week. My dad’s parents are coming in this afternoon, then tomorrow we’ll travel to my great uncle’s for Thanksgiving when Jon and Brooke will come up. I’m really excited to see all of my family. We’ll have great times!

Tim and I still had a few wedding presents to open when we got here yesterday. Someone got us the silverware we registered for! I’m so excited, they’re really nice!

I am going to start substitute teaching next month, so I have to take a TB test. I have to go in tomorrow then back on Saturday to get my results. I found out this morning that I’m really cutting it close to get that done in time for orientation, but it’s all working out just fine.

I am so happy that Tim and I have this week to relax and enjoy family. I can’t wait to find out all the fun stuff we’ll do. In just a little bit we’ll go up to the church, see my mom’s classroom, check out the newly renovated sanctuary. They started work on it a couple days after our wedding. Talk about timing!

Then for lunch today Tim and I are going to get chik-fil-a and eat with Katelin at her school. I can’t wait!

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