17 Nov 2006 In sickness and in health
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Well, I’m sick. I haven’t been feeling well for a few days, and today is my second day to miss work. I was pretty determined to go today so we wouldn’t miss out on a second day’s pay, but we can definitely afford missing two days pay over a visit to the doctor. I’ve been resting a lot. I haven’t been taking as much medicine, I feel semi-better, just weak and needing rest.

What really stinks is that I got Tim sick too. He’s still working right now, but not doing great. We have 30 hour famine tonight and tomorrow…an over night youth event packed full with stuff…I’m so frustrated ’cause I don’t think I’ll be able to participate at all, unless God miraculously heals me before then…but I don’t know how good it’d be for me to fast 30 hours while not feeling well. And Tim is suppose to lead most of the weekend, but he’s not feeling well.

God has everything under control. This is God’s work this weekend, not ours.

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