26 Nov 2006 Christmas is Coming!
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We had a good time for Thanksgiving with my family. It was nice to have my whole family together. I brought our wedding pictures to show everyone who didn’t see them online. It was fun getting to look at our wedding pictures over and over. 🙂

Friday I was able to decorate the Christmas tree with Mom and Tim. Tim even suggested us listen to Christmas music and listned with us…which is a big deal for him!

We came home Saturday after hauling in our car full of stuff. I think we came back with twice as much as we took…and we even accidently left some things!

Today I restacked all of our things in the dining room to make space for everything we had piled infront of our fire place. Then I put up our Christmas tree and ornaments and Christmas decorations that my mom gave us. It’s fun to have decorations around. On Saturday while at Target I loved looking at all the Christmas decorations they were selling, but controlled myself from even asking Tim for things we didn’t need. We did buy some stocking holders for the mantel and our “First Christmas” ornament. After putting up the decorations we have I’m glad we don’t have any more this year because we don’t have the space to decorate any more.

Almost all our Christmas shopping is done. We just need to buy for 2 more and each other. Presents are staying on the cheap side this year…especially with me about to take a pay-cut so I can substitute teach instead of be a receptionist.

I’m curious to find out tomorrow how much longer I will have my receptionist job. It all depends on how long or fast it takes them to find someone to replace me. I’m pretty sure I’ll have this week to work…and maybe next week? We’ll find out. I have substitute orientation on Wednesday. I’m excited and nervous. I just need to make myself go into it with the confidence I have for receptionist work.

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