12 Oct 2006 Small Town Girl
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I am watching “Deal or No Deal” right now and theres a girl from a small town of about 500 on the show talking about her tractor races and what not that they have in her town. This weekend in Austin something spured me thinking of the small town of Golden that my family once lived in, and I mentioned that there was probably less than 500 in the town when we lived there.

Well, while watching this show I wanted to check up on the demographics of Golden and of the little information I could find on the town I found out that in the years we lived there the town had about 156 people there. Wow that is small! I didn’t realize how tiny that town is! I haven’t had the opportunity to take Tim to Golden yet and show him around. I like going back to the towns my family use to live in. Golden has been my favorite to revisit. I love the small town country atmosphere. It was perfect for me and Jon to ride our bikes all over the town, and our parents didn’t have to worry about us. Last time I went to Golden the little convenience store that Jon and I would by 1 cent candies at was still open! I have lots of great childhood memories from Golden.

LOL, okay, so I did some more internet searching for Golden just now. They are famous for their sweet potatos so I looked for their festival, which is actually the last saturday of October! Well, when looking for info on their festival I came across a site that has a little clip from the Oprah show a few years ago and she did a little segment on their potatoes!
Right now I am so pumped and would love to go visit Golden and be there for the sweet potato festival. Tim doesn’t sound too excited about the idea, but maybe I can either convince him about it, or see if my family would go. 🙂 I’m sure I just have my hopes up, but I just think it’s great!

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