01 Oct 2006 I Can Cook!
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I think from now on if someone asks if I can cook, I will say yes.
My roasts have been a success, and I even made good gravy.
My chicken is great and makes for wonderful chicken dishes throughout the week.
I just made my favorite smoothie! 🙂

I was laughing at myself this morning while preping our chicken. I noticed that my nose stayed wrinkled the whole time ’cause I’m completely disgusted by what preparations have to be made. But I just keep on reminding myself of how wonderful the chicken will taste for lunch. I even tried to stop wrinkling my nose at the chicken, but it didn’t work. 🙂

So for lunch Tim and I had chicken, noodles, green beans and black eyed peas. With lots of left overs. We didn’t have anyone over for lunch today. We enjoyed a fun and relaxing weekend together. I get so drained during the week with work and us only getting a few hours at night, that the weekend is wonderful to refill our tanks.

For dinner I sauteed some onions and through some chicken in left over from lunch to make chicken fajitas. We bought corn tortillas for tortilla soup which I will make later this week, and so decided since we’ve got way more tortillas than we’ll need for that we’ll have tortillas. So we had corn tortillas, sauteed onions and chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream and salsa. What a great meal!

I’m loving having homecooked meals instead of a meal out of a box or a frozen meal. I feel more healthy actually seeing each ingredient used too. And I’m having fun cooking too! It’s kinda like science for me. Home experiments! 🙂

And to end my day of cooking I made my favorite smoothie so far. After I threw all the ingredients in the blender I had to come back and look at the recipe ’cause all it called for was fruit. No milk, no yogurt, no ice. This was the first only fruit smoothie I made. Well, almost all fruit, instead of oranges I used orange juice. Close enough though.

I found a recipe that was close to something I could do with what we have, and then had to tweak it a little. I definately recommend this one:

2 cups frozen red seedless grapes
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 banana
1 cup orange juice

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    Thanks for all the good food! I love you! 🙂