01 Oct 2006 Hot Weather Go Away
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You’d think since I’ve lived in Texas all my life I’d be use to the weather, or at least not mind it. But I am so tired of it. My favorite season is Fall ’cause I like when it starts to cool off and I’m not sweating every time I step out the door. Last week we had a couple mornings were it was cool and I wore a jacket, but then by the afternoon I was glad I had worn a sleevless shirt.

With our couple nice days last week Tim and I tried to save money by not using our AC and just open our windows. Only thing was there wasn’t a breeze blowing through, so it was hotter in our apartment than it was outside. We tried to put up with the temperature inside as long as we could, then ended up breaking down and turning on the AC.

We went to Target and Wal-Mart the other day, to buy a fan to help cool down our apartment and go without the AC, except, the fans are all gone and the shelves are full of heaters. I understand it’s October, and any normal place would start getting cold right now, but I wish stores would consider the location they’re in, and tend to the weather that place has. This week is going to be in the 90s all week long, so a heater is not going to help us at all.

Although I’d rather it be cooler, it is nice to make smoothies. It’s a nice refreshing way to stay cool in the heat.

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    I hear you on the heat wave! We were loving sleeping with our windows open at night, great way to save on the AC bill!
    Did you guys buy a fan? We have an extra one that you could borrow, its just sitting on the shelf in the garage. I went a little fan crazy when I ws pg! I was always hot, so I had two fans blowing on me at night, along with the ceiling fan, in the winter! 🙂

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    G'ma Betty 

    Come on up and we’ll loan you one of our fans !
    We run them even with AC at 78 degrees.
    TX is mighty nice in winter !!
    OK is pretty nominal any season.. tho we have our times of HOT and COLD !
    G’ma Wayman

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    Dana Delynn 

    Jess, we might take you up on the fan when it starts cooling off again. Thanks! Are you excited about the weekend? I can’t wait!

    G’ma thanks for offering. Tim and I will have to come up and visit sometime without needing the fan. I’ll have to see if we have any weekends free coming up.