01 Oct 2006 Compliments at Work
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Work has been great. In the beginning I complained a lot ’cause I’m not in the classroom, but God is helping me through that and helping me to be content where I am right now, and reminding me that he has a plan for why I am where I am right now.

I have gotten tons of compliments from work. I know I’m good at doing paperwork/receptionist work, organization and multitasking come easy for me…when it’s doing something for someone else. (Now come to our apartment and you wouldn’t think that of me at all.) 🙂 Although I know I’m good at what I do at work, it is so nice to get compliments. It gives me energy and helps me to appreciate helping the people I work for when I know they are grateful for it. I didn’t get my first compliment until 3 weeks of working, but it was totally worth the wait.

My first compliment was from the manager. He said that the others in the office have been really impressed and like having me there. And that I’m a great help. Wow that makes me smile just thinking of that! And then the lady who I have worked with the most so far came to me and told me what a great job I’m doing, and that even people who call the business and I transfer their call to whoever they need have been complimenting me and asking, “Wow, who do you have answering the phones now?” I even had a man who calls quite a bit and then visited one day tell me how pleasant it is to call now and have someone nice answering the phones.

My main job is answering the phones so they’re not ringing all over the office bugging people while they work. And then my paperwork and data entry I do in between calls. That’s when multi tasking comes in very handy, with remembering where I left off…and sometimes answering the phones while continuing what I do when I’m in a time crunch. That gets kind of annoying at times, but I know the people calling are my top priority so I make sure I always have a friendly voice and am more than happy to help get what they need.

I don’t work directly for the company I’m at. I work for a temp agency who has hired me out to this place. The temp agency sent in another girl for a temp-to-hire position in the office and lasted a week and a half. I don’t know if I raised the company’s expectations, or if the girl was just goofing off a lot, but I was told someone new will be coming in to interview and try out for the position, and that they asked for someone like me! 🙂 Or actually what the HR lady said was, “I told them we’d like to have another one of you.” I think that was probably my biggest compliment so far at work.

My temp agency has also told me that they have gotten lots of compliments when they take our HR person out for lunch, or talk to them.

God knew exactly what I needed to help me be content with where I am working. He knows what lights my fire to keep me going. So I have started liking where I am more and more.

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    YAY Dana I am so glad to hear that. I am in a similar situation with work(not in the classroom) so i feel the missing of teaching but i can tell you more about that l8r. Talk to you soon! I am so glad for you too!