27 Sep 2006 The Tyra Banks Show
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I am watching the Tyra Banks show right now. They are doing talking about chatrooms and myspace and how dangerous it is for kids. A lot of the information and things they are showing are shocking. Pornography and sexual conversations are easily accessible to kids. With web cameras and all the technology that is available it’s more dangerous. Live with her study audience Tyra is posing as a 14 year old girl in a chatroom getting hits buy way older men showing their everything with their web cams. Theres no special access you have to get to see things like this, only have the knowledge how to get a screenname and sign in.

This reminds me of about a month ago I was bored one night and decided to look around on craigslist.com Tim and I were looking for furniture before, and I decided to see what type of people had put adds on trying to find a mate. The women I saw on there seemed innocent and genuinely wanting a friendship/relationship. The first man’s add I saw had a horrific pornography picture of him. And that was on craigslist that you can use to find jobs and furniture and tons more.

Most of all I want people to be aware of the online dangers out there. Whether you get in chatrooms and have myspace, or know someone who does, especially your kids. Keep an eye on it, have an accountability partner for it, just be safe.

I do believe that there are safer online communities. For one, I use Facebook. I through out my Myspace and switched to Facebook. No one can see your profile unless you approve them as a friend. I like that very much.

There are still lots of precautions to take even if you believe you’re in a safe community. Especially with blogs. I try my hardest to not reveal the town/city I live in, where I work and so on.

Over all, be safe and be smart. And don’t disregard all the warnings people try to give about things. It’s easy to shrug something off thinking, “it wont happen to me” but I bet there are a ton of people out there who regretted having that mentality.

I recorded this episode of the Tyra Banks Show to watch again and catch things I missed ’cause I was typing on here. I have really come to like her show. It’s a girly show, talking about important issues to girls and women. I have come to like Tyra Banks more and more over the last year. I don’t approve of all the photo shoots she has done with her modeling, but I think she has a lot of good advice and wisdom to share with women.

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    You can edit your privacy settings at MySpace, too. It’s just that most people choose to make themselves public whereas at Facebook most choose to remain private (as the default setting).