13 Sep 2006 The Good and the Not so Good
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The manager had me crunch some #s for him, but first I had to blow up the paper he gave me so I could see the numbers a little better to work with. So I had to figure out how the enlarger works and how to make it back to normal. When I went out onto the production floor to pick up some papers to enter into a database one of the ladies was having trouble with her copier and couldn’t figure out how to make it print normal again instead of enlarged. I was so excited to get to help her. And so thankful that God had me do something earlier in the day that dealt with that so I could help her. Praise God for experiences we go through that help others! I introduced myself to her after I helped and found out her name. It’s good to know people by name. I go out to production every day, but don’t know many of the people who work out there. I know the front office staff, and thats about it.

My not so good for the day is:
When I was on our street almost to the apartment I passed a school bus going the other way noticing the driver yacking away on her cell phone with lots of kids in the bus. I got pretty irritated with it, but then thought “Well maybe she has to talk right now and can’t help it. Maybe she is taking care of something.” But then about 5 mintues later as I was about to walk inside I saw her again still yacking away with kids in the bus. The first time I saw her I decided to let it go, but when I saw her the second time I made sure to see what district it’s in and the bus number. Now I just need to figure out what number to call and report it. That’s really scary having a bus driver talking on the phone. For one, it’s a really big vehicle, and for two, there were many students lives in her hands at that time.

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    G'ma Betty 

    and school buses do have wrecks..
    ENJOY your day.. every day.. God has permitted it, and needs you right where you are, evidently !!

    G’ma Betty