10 Sep 2006 Second Helpings
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I go from blogging a lot in a condensed amount of time to not blogging at all. With work I haven’t been able to find a good routine to get into yet. The only pattern I’ve made so far is not cleaning anything during the week and leaving me lots of work to do on the weekend which usually ends up making for a late Sunday night. Which I need to get started on so it’s not too late. But first I think Tim and I are going to watch a movie. We try to fit in as much together time as possible on the weekends before we’re apart all day long during the week.

I tried to make cookies from scratch yesterday. I had about 5 turn out okay. The rest I burnt. It’s probably a good thing ’cause they were so high in fat and sugar. It’ll probably be about another month or so until I make them again…for our health. I bought a blender last week with our Dillards wedding money. I was saving the Dillards card for work clothes, but after shopping a couple hours, walking all over the store and not finding anything I liked, I called Tim and asked if it’s okay that I buy us a nice blender. We’ve used it many times. Tim has gotten good at making some really healthy smoothies. We’re trying to go without buying icecream, so our healthy smoothies are a good exchange for a good fun dessert.

I have been a success in cooking some things though! I’m not a complete failure in the kitchen. 🙂 My roast today was awesome. And I was able to make good gravy with the juices. I was very excited about that. We had one of the youth guys over for lunch and he even got seconds on the gravy!
Also, last week I cooked us a chicken and had guests over. With the chicken broth and chicken left over I made homemade chicken noodle soup. That turned out really good too. And Tim went back for seconds on that!

I love it when people go back for seconds on my cooking!

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    You’re becomming a good cook! Thanks for all your hard work. I love you! 🙂

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    Cooking is fun once you get the hang of it! I know what you mean about people wanting more of your food…it makes you feel so good!!
    We need to have you and Tim over one night for dinner…

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    Dana Delynn 

    That would be fun. We should set up a time.